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It's a value I hold, yeah, the standard and code, that makes me curl back inside, that's the place where I hide, It's in the way that I walk, and to the people I talk, I keep myself locked tight, safe and sound tonight, Dark, cold, I don't crave, This whole, Negative wave, It's taken way too long, to understand that what is wrong, it's my negative wave that makes me solid and strong, I take a look outside, I'm not afraid of the sight. You are the one whose life, has to deal with your lies. Not me, I'm not saved, Dark, cold, Negative wave. Not me, Not again, Bad waves, My only friend, It's the values I hold, It's your life you may save, A real sight to behold, It's my negative wave.
I take what's my mine, because it's always been, You can't achieve, without pride and sin, You said it all, you said it wrong, You tear me up from my flesh to bones, I'll take the fall, I'll take the ride, Because what's inside me will not hide, There's an undertow, you'll under go, Changes to you, I'll open up my hand, blood and anger crush, You never understand, I never asked for much, I was closed up, yeah, I couldn't clutch, Now that no one loves me, I'm having all the fun. There's an underneath, to the things we seek, We want them soon, we want to reap now, It doesn't have to be fair and square, I'll fight anyone for anything, anywhere, It's boring to me, people who hide are weak, So find me, if you can hear me now, It's never going to be fair and square, I'll fight anyone off.
It took me way too long to understand my strengths, how weak I play, But I knew I had to be wrong, to think I knew myself at a young age, Now I'm out on my own, I'm taking solace in a feelings that don't feel wrong, Know I gotta be strong, any noise, I just turn the radio off, You say you're living in hell, but hell's in the mind, something more bizarre, You got a story to tell? That means you're not the saint that said you are, Now you're out on your own, something tells me that this city will be your tomb, You never felt so alone, but when you hear that TUFF TURF song, you turn the radio up. Thinkin' too hard always let me down, Sitting around thinkin' no, I can't, I won't, Thinkin' too hard always let me down, So now I just turn the radio off. I don't know what to think, (so I turn the radio off), I don't know what to do, I got nothin' to say, You sold your soul and truth, There's nothing more to say, You're all in my way, Honesty and truth, It's been with me since my youth.
When the sun's down, we aren't afraid to run into pain, The cold rain touches down and pleases my face, When the sun's down, it freezes out the old and the plain, No fear, a plain that only the lonely can explain. When the sun's down, we drive by the tired and torn, See grim, the world so expired and worn, When the sun's down, I'm burning up the road in it's lanes, Explore plains only the lonely can explain. Sun's down, night gives way, Someday, we'll find a way to win our own way. With the sun down, everything reflecting so clear, No fear, never ending silence is near, With the sun down, we turn to the violence and pain, Explore plains only the lonely can explain. All days, the values I hold, Sleep for days, find a way to never grow old.
It takes so long to know yourself, enough to know that hunger is a lonely hell, It always comes out wrong, we all came out wrong. It took a long time just to understand, Why life's not fair, and why no one care's. You gotta protect yourself, I just protect myself So tell me if you're lonely, I'm never lonely, Bone and blood, I am only, emotion never owns me, I don't like anyone, I don't respect anyone. Alone, I don't need to ask anyone For favors or praise, it may seem depraved, People's lives are already over before they're born, You scorn but you'd be amazed.
It's supposed to hurt, To feel, but I think it's much worse, To want someone else, To fix the hell you brought on yourself, Pain won't exhaust, It knows no end, it's never lost, To feel afraid and scared, I laugh, it must feel awful to care, We take in vain, I learn to take it like a man, But I could never explain, How to learn to live and love all the pain, It's supposed to hurt, Just to feel is fate, Sentient, in place, Where we rest and stay.
If there's a heaven right now, Then who's in heaven right now? 'Cause I don't know a person strong enough For long enough to ever be in heaven right now, If there's heaven right now Cause I don't know a person strong enough, For long enough to ever be in.... If we're in heaven right now, Then there's no heaven right now, 'Cause I don't know a person strong enough For long enough to ever need a heaven right now, I don't need heaven right now, Cause I'm strong enough to know I'm not wrong enough, To believe in heaven right now, I know there's no heaven right now, 'Cause I don't know a person strong enough For long enough to ever be in heaven right now, Where is heaven right now Cause I'm strong enough to know I'm not wrong enough, To believe in heaven right now.
It takes it's toll, it rolls right off, you can't keep on your clothes, With you, there is no difference, you feel like you have something owed, Are you awake or are you just waiting to go to sleep, With anyone, no respect won, these are the secrets that you should keep, It takes it's toll, it rolls right off, I cut you down to size, Nothing will rise, took me all this time just to realize, The road I'm on, it's so long and cold, I see only black, In the rear view, I see nothing, there is no turning back, The secrets, that you keep, There's no excuse for the pain (you cause), I got my, pride to keep, That's why I don't sleep anymore, It takes it's toll, it rolls right off my back, I'm on this road, There is no turning back, I never thought that I had nothin' owed, Am I awake or am I just waiting to go to sleep? I'm nobody's fool, these are all the secrets that I keep.
You found a reason, You took it out on, The only reason, That you're not out and gone, It's never easy, I'll take my chances, It's never easy, Love and death bandits. I found the secret, That I hold on to, My favorite secret, Is it so wrong to?
Only the lonely know it, A single second, see the fire glowing, A flame that burns without you knowing, Beyond that, we know we're going, To use and use and use, Abuse, I can't keep crying, I can't keep lying, To myself, I feel my body heat rising, World's that, kiss and tear up, Violence paves the places we only hear of, Slice our ways, but with terror, Nothing will change, no one would care.
Now you know: you better just forget what you think about me, It's so low: you opened the door, crossed the line and now I'm doubting, Now it's taking it's toll, A flame so tall, it's gonna burn, You say you see the mistake, but you'll never learn, Now you realize: you never meant nobody like me, Now you know, that the fire, it burns so bright that you can't ignore it, It's so low, it leaves me dark, so much colder than the ones before me, The things you used to get away with, Are now the things you have to live and stay with, I always trust my gut, Never met nobody like me. A fire so bright, you can't ignore, It left me dark, colder than most you've met before, And then you realize that you never meant nobody like me, A flame so tall and the hell it brings, Nothing to feel, no, nothing stings. Built of stone and rock, you never meant nobody like me.
If you think you're tough enough, You can look into my eyes and say you're in love, I can tough out the rough parts of life that make you stuck, If you think you're being cute, It's just another reason that you're gonna lose, All those people use you up, they take what they want and then they run, you don't seem to see the fuss. If you think you got a plan, Then there's a lot you don't understand, You can't do it on your own, all the chances that you've blown, Yeah, when trouble comes my way, Yeah, I get up and stare it in it's face, No, I won't leave this world in silence, it's violence, violence, violence. And if you think you got it right, You may wake up gasping for air out of fright, There's so much that you don't know, the things that people never show, And if you got it figured out, You can live your pointless life just chasing clout, Yeah, life's just all about the timing, it's violence violence violence.


released May 25, 2019


all rights reserved



TUFF TURF Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Nihilist new wave from Free America.


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