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©ough©ool Richie is a wordsmith.I keep coming back to each of Tuff Turf's releases & relishing in the atmosphere & world that is created by this champion of the dark's skill, whether it be the keyboard, guitar, drums or mic.
Completely underrated. One of the best artists on Bandcamp Favorite track: HELL IS IN YOUR HEARTBEAT.
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I'm out on the streets and I'm up to no good, You're not watching your back when you know that you should, Try to understand dark but you're running into a wall, There's nothing to do when you're nothing at all. Try to survive the heat, no, it's not good advice, When you're out on these streets, yeah, you're rolling the dice, Just stay in the light, you may be saving a life, Listening in but far away from my bite. I'm out on the streets, Looking for you, blood to keep, Something I can't touch and I can't see, Not afraid of the sting from the heat. I'm feeling the heat but I'm not afraid of the flame, You can never defeat feelings you cannot explain, Searching the night for some place we can go, To look for a fight, I'm just not sure with who. Looking for a fight, I believe, In nothing I can't touch or I can't see, Blood, my only power and peace, Not afraid of the sting from the heat.
It's the secret I keep, to feel or be left asleep, The hell we reach, when it's close, you'll know because it's cold. A reason to try, what I've been looking for, Complacent we lie, death: the saint of a broken door. As flat as Earth, there's no end to time. I search and find, black hurt, we know because it's cold. Hoist up life but nothing can rise, That fails to hide, it's a show, and it's so perfect alone. Heartbeat, heartbeat is the place that you go to create your own hell, Heartbeat, heartbeat is where you live in the hell you create for yourself, You gotta live for yourself. No hate left to hide, benign or sore? We drown and choke, no peace and no sign of shore. A piece of love, is a piece of your death, And you'd give it up, when we're taking our final breathe.
I got nothin' to say, There ain't nothin' to hear, I wake up everyday, Not knowing why I'm here. I got nothin' for you, Nothin' to give, I take, I'm bringin' hell to burn us all, I never had no faith, Was it wrong of me to ever try to change? To be as strong as me, you can't be tamed to feel nothin'. I got no feelings or emotions. As if nothing is wrong, We know that nothing is right, The world needs to be gone, If I will make it tonight, And I got nothin' to prove, A soul tattered and bruised, So now I walk this night, Hungry for somethin' to lose, I got no where to go Taking a fall, There's nothing to do, When you're nothing at all, Got time to lose, Meet me at my grave for two, And I'll show you my heart, Tattered and bruised,
DEAD '15 02:05
We all love to play a role, Staring at the ground, trusting a deadbolt, Like it ever stopped anyone here before, A wound, a disease that we cannot ignore. Blood enters your eyes, then your brain will swell, Pulmonary twitch and a heart that fails, A cancer, a cyst that insists you're in the way, A parasitic night where no one is safe. We all love to raise our hand, I'd rather flex the power that you'll never understand, Life is a grave stone, waiting, blank and bland, So we save the blood that's stained across our hands. Blood enters your sight, then your brain will swell, All enter this night with the pain we felt, Blood onto your feet and we're finally free, I can show you what you do not want to see
It's too late to go back, To where we started, No, don't get me started Don't you dare get me started, It's too late to know, We're violent and we're empty hearted, No, just don't get me started, Violent and empty hearted, You took your heart and crossed the line, And now you got me started, There is a flame that's burnin' out Shame you only learned this now. It's too late to go back, And pretend to care or notice, The world, I never noticed, If it's gone, I'd never know it, It's written on my face, Life's too slow, you never noticed, So now you'll never know me, Just walk by, that much you owe me, now Well it's too late to know that, We pedal frozen truths, They will not move for me, No, there is no moving you, It's sitting on my chest, I know it's you, I never choose, We'd never move or lose, Because we're hells chosen few.
I told a lie in the dark, now I can't undo, So I turn the lights off, to shadow you, To keep you out of my heart, it's easy to do, If you won't die for me, I would never die for you, So we lie in the dark, to sit awake, Thinking of ways, making life fade away, To keep you out of the house I haunt, I saw, If you'd never die for me, I just won't die at all, It confused your sense of control, I'd never sell myself out for you, It amused my sense of control, I'd never sell myself short for you, Hold a lies in our hearts, it won't let go, Taking the road that says that our heart and soul, Is perfect, but it's black and gone, it's lost, Everyone wants to feed, no one wants to pay the cost, We tell our lies in the dark, and hope it's true, So turn we turn our hearts off, let the shadow through, To keep you out of this dark, it's really up to you, Never should you die for me, only ever die for you.
All over my floor, all the things we did, Craved a horror night, we were just kids, Screaming: I got problems with no solutions, the world's not warm, To those who roam the night, for you it's something I don't condone, An empty kiss, I can't embrace, I do not miss, what I cannot face, And I rarely had the time to cry or make excuses, I've never been scared of a fight or to take on abuse, So pardon me, I see, humans are weak, we aren't like other wolves. Life's too long, it's all a race, Devoured whole, if you can't keep pace. And I never had reason to trust a wolf in plainclothes, I'd rather die than be defeated or put on some stage show, And act like I ever gave a damn, I'm not like other wolves, Some people want to waste their time making excuses, To me, that's just the sign of times, to me it's useless, Fist in the air, violence and hate, I'm not like other wolves.
It's part of me, having no place I can go, Only time you want me is when my face won't show, There's the side of love above the cryptic regrets Dosing off in the cemetery where we met It's a part of me, take the path to the unknown, Only path you want is one that's paved, I've grown, A dark kid, with a dark look on his face, I'm walking, the line between dead and misplaced, It's a last resort, Tension and distaste, To stop emotion, there's no easy way, Blood's my only option, I'm diggin' my own grave, It's a part of me, having no place I can be, Only weight I can feel, the one inside of me, A darkness, a world where we got nothing to give, I'm walking, in a place I don't want to live.
Oh, when someone looks at me, I wonder when they'll cry, Oh, when someones dead to me, they aren't even alive, Oh, when you are out just looking for a rise, Yeah, I'm at home, with a black cloud filling up my eyes, Oh, you wanna wait for someone to take you by the hand, Oh, you think that someone will just come and understand, No, there's no one waiting, I'm creating my own plan, Yeah, power in blood, and the power is about to expand, You said you're scared to know me, because those who know me, Wish they didn't know me, I'm too close now. Oh, you didn't know me, because those who know me, Wish they didn't know me, I'm too close now. Oh, you're being touched by the power of the pain, Oh, you feel the clutch of a power you can't tame, No, you want the light, but darkness is what came, Yeah, every night for me is always and forever, the same, Are you scared to know me, or just afraid to know?
In, the dark, That holds us so close, The dark, That just won't let go, Black heart, I hold and control, This heart, That grows when it's told, Depart, To walk in dark all alone, Your heart, Should have never have known, The dark, I keep held up inside, This dark, My sorrow and all my pride, Black heart, I hold and control, This heart, That grows when it's told, Hell isn't big enough for all of us creeps, You'll only be safe, be safe with me.


Released on American Scream Records.


released March 29, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Jeff Richie.


all rights reserved



TUFF TURF Jacksonville Beach, Florida

New wave from Free America.

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